Why You Should Not Use Spun Content

Successful businesses rely heavily on content as a marketing tool for their business and website content serves many purposes. Content is your company business card that gets first-time viewers to your site. It is the salesperson to a viewer researching your products or services, and content is the advocate for building trust and loyalty with your existing customers.

Content is the voice for your business, yet creating worthy content takes time. It requires research and a creative flare for writing. Having quality content on your website is crucial, but for so many reasons.

Often, businesses opt for spun content as a shortcut, thinking it is a viable option to populate the content on their website, without costing a lot of time and money. However, spun content is effectively plagiarism and is not the best solution.

Spun Content Does Not Fool Google

Google and all other search engines work hard to weed out duplicate, low-quality content; and while spun content is sometimes indexed in the search engines, it never earns the high-ranking that successful marketing tactics are geared towards. The number one goal for search engines is to create the best search results based on user queries, and it is the relevant original content that ranks superior.

In fact, the Webmaster guidelines provided by Google advise the creation of engaging, valuable content that focuses on added value for the users. They steer you away from focusing on posting irrelevant or lackluster content that is in place merely in an effort to build links. Although this technique has been used in “black hat” SEO, Google is intolerant of unrelated content that does not positively impact the reader’s experience.

Content spinner software is a shortcut tool that uses a method of summarizing content or changing it slightly by switching words with synonyms and rearranging sentences. It has been used both to build website content and for SEO, and while this strategy may have worked at one time for ranking methods, the search engines, especially Google, are now wise to it.

Spun content typically results in low-quality content and will also change the context of an article. Reviewing the spun content will likely mean that you’ll need to devote time to rewriting and editing the content anyway, in which case having original content created from the start would have been more effective.  Aside from the negative SEO aspects of spun content, think of the potential negative impact it could have on your business.

While unique, quality content may require a little more investment up front, it is one of the most valuable marketing tools you can use for leveraging your business.

Conversely, low-quality and spun content is not well received by readers and your reputation could suffer. To reiterate, the content on your website serves many purposes for your online presence, so avoid taking shortcuts that will probably cost dearly in the long haul.

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